Community Support

The Sports Club is aware of its reliance on support from the local community and therefore is able to significantly  support the six affiliated sporting clubs, including Bowls, Cricket, Football – Senior & Junior, Netball and Swimming.

In addition to providing social and sporting activities to its members and the local community, the Sports Club is a significant supporter of local charities and organisations.

The Sports Club has a long history of contributing to the community and is one of largest donors to sporting groups in the Greater Bendigo area.  Since 1995, sporting clubs associated with the Club have received sponsorship donations of approximately $1.2m.

To sustain growth and profitability the Sports Club is committed to satisfying member expectations by good quality practice in all areas of involvement within the club industry.  The club is committed to the implementation of quality management practices and procedures to generate confidence in itself as a Community Club and to ensure that regulatory and club industry standards are attained.

Kangaroo Flat Sports Club has presented $60,000 to our local Senior
football, Junior football, swimming, bowls, cricket and netball clubs.

Since 1994, Kangaroo Flat Sports Club has provided $1.45 million to our
local sporting groups.